Graze hosts new and exciting exhibitions every two months. Featuring local, UK based and international artists, the elegant space provides the perfect backdrop for large and medium format paintings with a fresh and contemporary flair. All artwork displayed is for sale.

Incoming Exhibition… Charles Hobbs – Tues 24th October – 31st January 2018

charles hobbs

Tues 24th October – 31st January 2018

Charles Hobbs has exhibited locally in Hastings, as well as Norwich University and selected London shows. Charles has recently completed his BA Hons Fine Art/Fine Art Practice, having begun his training a decade previously, working extensively & teaching in the intervening years.

Charles’ work shows his command of bold colours and his mastery of monochrome linear restraint. Of his recent work Charles says “I am interested in painting and process. Process is very important for me to organise and understand the contradictions in life. It allows me to get a glimpse of a different or unseen world. The start point for my current work has been the ontological existence and restorative qualities of the silver birch tree. I have been using grids in my work in an attempt to explore spatial and temporal aspects further and to engineer a tension between order and chaos. 


Recently, I have been agitating paint on the surface and rotating the canvas as it dries to create a platform for washes and mediums to produce different translucent coats.”


Private View – 6-8pm Monday 23rd October 2017

Joining Charles we have selected works by

marie-louise miller

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