Graze hosts new and exciting exhibitions every two months. Featuring local, UK based and international artists, the elegant space provides the perfect backdrop for large and medium format paintings with a fresh and contemporary flair. All artwork displayed is for sale.

Marie-Louise Miller


by marie-louise miller


28/11/18 – 31/1/10

Marie-Louise Miller is a rare and fine artist who walks that incredibly satisfying line between figuration and abstraction. Her new works can be seen from 28th November until 31st January 2019 at Graze gallery, providing an extra motivation if anyone needed one, to not just take to the armchair as the weather bears down on us next weeks.

” My paintings and drawings are explorations of aspects of our humanity; physical, mental and spiritual. Sometimes observed and figurative, more often abstracted, as they consider the metaphysical with no fixed time and space. I create this work through an exploration of the relational nature of colour and the lived experience of drawing; I work from an idea, not to an ideal.

I am interested in methodology and process and naturally work in series, groups of meditations on a theme that give rise to the next questions to be answered. I use both systematic and serendipitous approaches to making paintings, setting creative constraints but looking for synchronicity and chance in the making process. I set tight constraints on my palette for each painting; a specific triad of colour and white are then mixed extensively to reveal the complex new emerging muted colours, exploring the length and breadth of the colour relationships.

The pieces at Graze on Grand are from the ‘Colour conversation’ & ‘Female Landscape’ series. The female landscape series was created in the studio from small scale paintings made directly from the life model. All the paintings emerge from a dark ground, and the compositions develop out of small scale work and then progress through their own tonal momentum. By accessing lived experience and embodied memory, the woodland pieces emerge out of the human, from the lived effects of being in the wood, the light conditions, the temperature and smell, by exploring diverse points of view as you might in cinematography.

These paintings also honour the memory of a dear friend, the artist Selina di Girolamo. Her work was concerned with the deep feminine and the sacred goddess and she always maintained that time spent in the darkness was time well spent. For Girolamo the space of the dark womb was a special containing germination time, which then in time gives rise to the new. These paintings sit somewhere between the figurative and abstract, and offer glimpses and suggestions to the viewer concerning colour, rhythm and balance.

Marie-Louise Miller is an artist and designer who has trained in Fashion Illustration, Public Art, aswell as in Fine Art. She is obsessed with drawing language and colour theory, and describes her most recent paintings as large-scale abstract ‘colour poems’. Her drawing practice continues to include a diversity of scales and subjects, inner and outer preoccupations.

She teaches drawing, colour theory and visual communication to university level, and is currently involved in drawing language research with Loughborough University.

She designs and delivers drawing and colour theory master classes and has been a visiting lecturer on numerous Fashion and Textile courses over the years as well as running a parallel practice for two decades in high-end interior and product design development, specializing in Venetian glass.

Marie Louise Miller is showing at Graze gallery 28/11/18 to 31/1/19

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