Next Exhibition…Dirk Roseport ( April 4th – May 28th )

Dirk Roseport

PRIVATE VIEW – Monday 3rd April 6-8pm

Dirk Roseport’s ocean photography retreats into the vastness of nature. Captured around the globe, his observations distil the essence of the light, the horizon and the eternally moving water. Subtle changes in colour and hue separate the sea from the sky, abstracting their transition. The layered, intriguing images invite repeated viewing, in which the observer drowns and finds a sense of peace so often lacking in our modern lives.

Roseport’s work balances on the intersection of photography, painting, and film in its subject, layering, and development.

Moments frozen in time, which start to move again the longer you look, as if it were a movie, creating a new reality.

In times of unbridled manipulation of images, Roseport resolutely vows to maintain the authenticity of untouched images.
He prints on high quality, extra smooth paper for exceptional density, sharpness, colour saturation and depth of colour.

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