Thursday Nov 5th – Graze Grooves with Lynda Murray (sax) & Tazina Frank (vocal), 8-10pm

Join us on Thursday Nov 5th for a sax /vocal collaboration. Wonderful, relaxed jazz tunes with added vocals from Tazina.

Call 01424 439 736 to reserve a table – free entry.

Current exhibition – ANGELA CHARLES & KATRINA PECHAL – Nov 18th to Dec 31st

The exhibition which rounds off 2015 brings two exciting artists to Graze.

Angela Charles paintings reveal her sense of awe at the southwest coast – its contrasting peacefulness and untamed wildness. Layers are built up, forcefully wiped away and frantic marking with tools or pencils reflecting memory and felt experience. Born just outside Brighton, and now based in Somerset, Angela Charles studied at Worthing College of Art before continuing her studies at GC where she gained a BA Hons in Fine Art (Textiles). Her reputation as a painter has grown since first exhibiting in 1989 and her works are increasingly sought after by galleries throughout the UK.

Katrina Pechal studied at Camberwell School of Art where she cites the influence of Takashi Yasadu, Colin Pearson and Ewen Henderson on her work. Other influences include Medieval English and Japanese ceramics and the work of Hans Coper and Lucie Rie.

She works with stoneware clay and fires her work in such a way that the glaze pits and pulls away from itself into globules, creating an eroded, ‘volcanic’ look. She continues to develop new colours and textures in the glazes and seeks inspiration in her surroundings and costal landscapes.



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NOV 11 Graze Grapes – Wine Tasting £25pp

Graze Grapes includes 8 wines and food in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

£25pp (in advance) includes 7 wines plus a surprise dessert wine and some food to complement the evening.

Places are limited so please message us on Fb/email or call 01424 439736 to reserve your place.

Graze Grooves – Ben Davis (Cello) & Jonny Phillips (Guitar) – Thurs Dec 17th 8-10pm

Ben Davis (cello) and Jonny Phillips (guitar) have been playing together 12 years in a South American/Spanish influenced band called Oriole.  A stellar group of players, we’re delighted to welcome two of them at Graze. Tonight we’ll enjoy melodically driven tunes stripped down to the intimate sound of guitar and cello.

Call 01424 439 736 to reserve a table.